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220 Accounts Impacted. Are you a victim?

If you visited an ADT account holder’s home who is impacted by this privacy breach, you may be entitled to compensation

ADT Security Breach – Dallas

Justice for Victims of ADT Security Camera Privacy Breach

Smart home security systems allow people to feel safe in their homes, and the ADT Pulse system offers incredible convenience and the ability to arm and disarm the system and display video monitoring remotely. Unfortunately, a glaring defect in the system allowed one ADT employee in the Dallas area, identified as Telesforo Aviles, to gain access to as many as 220 accounts and monitor them over the course of seven years.

When the company became aware of this heinous breach, after one user discovered an unauthorized email address that had access to their home system, ADT Security Services issued a statement informing customers of the breach.  On April 23, 2020, customers learned that the former ADT employee had accessed hundreds of customer security systems over a 7-year period, from 2013 to 2020, including streaming security camera footage in private areas of the home.

As a customer affected by the ADT security camera breach, you have suffered an unspeakable violation.  The very security system you trusted to protect you was used to spy on you instead.  Who is to blame?  Certainly the man who committed the act, but also ADT, the company that failed to put even the most basic security measures in place to prevent such abuses.

If you are one of the 220 ADT account holders or any other person who has been impacted by this breach, you have the opportunity to seek compensation through an ADT Dallas lawsuitCole Legal Group, a leader in personal injury lawsuits, brings nearly 30 years of legal expertise to the table, and we’ve built our reputation on getting clients the justice and compensation they deserve.

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What You Need to Know about the ADT Privacy Breach

With so much emphasis on digital security, how did a breach like this occur? In the course of conducting an internal investigation following the breach, ADT discovered that Aviles, a technician responsible for installing home security systems, had used the ADT Pulse service mode function to grant his personal email address permission to access home security systems, in order to operate as a verified user.

From there, he could not only download images and videos from customers’ systems but also monitor streaming video from inside homes.  The majority of victims are reportedly women, but he also used his access to spy on families, including children and teens.  In many cases, he was able to access video in private areas of the home, including but not limited to bedrooms.

ADT emphasized that they did not authorize this activity, that it was not a necessary part of their service, and that the employee had not complied with the company’s policies and procedures.  However, ADT failed to implement necessary safeguards that would have stopped Aviles from gaining access in the first place, or at least notified users when a third party was accessing their system.

How Did ADT Respond?

In the wake of the ADT security camera breach, the company fired Aviles and terminated his unauthorized permissions to access home security systems. They also notified law enforcement of the breach and have offered full cooperation with the criminal investigation. In addition, the company has plans to implement new security measures related to the service mode function as part of their next ADT Pulse update, preventing other employees from abusing this security flaw in the future.

ADT also worked quickly to contact affected customers, offering monetary compensation to secure releases and confidentiality agreements regarding the invasion of privacy.  According to one ADT security camera lawsuit, this compensation represented only a small fraction of the potential value of such a claim.

Did You Receive An Email From ADT?

ADT reached out to the impacted account holders with a vague email that read:

Dear *****,

My name is J**** H****** and I am reaching out on behalf of ADT to speak with you about some important information regarding access to your account. If you could please call me at (972) ***-*167 at your nearest convenience, that would be greatly appreciated as this is a time sensitive matter.

J**** H******
C**** C******* O******
1501 Yamato Road | Boca Raton, FL 33431

This email, including attachments, may contain information that is private or confidential. If you received this communication in error, please delete it from your system without copying it and notify sender by reply communication. ADT Security Services and its affiliates reserve the right to monitor communications handled by its data communications systems to help ensure compliance with ADT’s policies, confidentiality obligations, and applicable laws.

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Regardless of ADT’s response, the company still bears liability for the breach.  Aviles will be criminally prosecuted for his actions, but ADT could have prevented them with appropriate security measures.

It could be argued that the company failed to properly screen and supervise employees, but they certainly failed to identify the breach in a timely manner, allowing for continued abuse over the course of seven years.  They failed to put necessary protections in place that would prevent security breaches of this nature, and they failed to protect the privacy of their customers, which means ADT is likely to face both criminal and civil lawsuits.

As an ADT customer who has suffered an invasion of privacy, you deserve justice and compensation, and the best way to get it is by partnering with the qualified professionals at Cole Legal Group to launch an ADT Dallas lawsuit.

ADT Security Camera Lawsuit Information

It’s important to understand that you have the right to legal recourse if you were a victim of the ADT security camera breach. In the state of Texas, individuals enjoy a common-law right to privacy, but the Texas Constitution also contains protections against “unreasonable intrusion” of personal privacy, and this includes one individual using surveillance technology to spy on others.

Aviles violated ADT policy, state, and federal law when he chose to exploit a flaw in the ADT Pulse system to invade the privacy of ADT customers. While customers may gain some sense of justice when Aviles is criminally prosecuted for his actions, his conviction will not compensate individuals and families affected by this breach of trust and invasion of privacy.

Only ADT can address their failure to protect customers. Cole Legal Group is committed to ensuring that every victim has the opportunity to seek recourse through an ADT security camera lawsuit intended to provide deserved compensation.

If you have suffered emotional distress, mental anguish, fear, embarrassment, humiliation, or damage to relationships and/or reputation as a result of this security breach, you may be entitled to compensation.  Compensation could also apply to actual costs, such as medical expenses for mental health services.

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At Cole Legal Group, we understand that every case is unique and that you cannot place a price on justice or personal well-being. That said, our top priority is ensuring that you receive maximum compensation for your suffering. With nearly 30 years of legal experience winning judgments for our clients, Cole Legal Group is uniquely qualified to help you seek justice and compensation in your ADT security camera lawsuit.

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