Can I get a divorce in Texas if I was married in another state?

Do I need a lawyer if my spouse filed for divorce?

Can I get financial assistance while a divorce is pending?

Can I get alimony?

What is community property?

How does a court divide marital assets?

Am I entitled to my spouse’s pension benefits?

Can my spouse lock me out of our home?

Does it matter if my spouse has physically abused me?

Who gets custody of the children?

How is child support determined?

What happens to our family business if we divorce?

How will the family business be valued and divided?

Are common law marriages recognized in Texas?

What rights do I have if I have a common law marriage?

Can a parent withhold visitation for non-payment of child support?

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Will there be spousal support or alimony ordered?

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Does my spouse have to pay my attorney fees?

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Is it true that all our property will be divided equally?

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What if my spouse retaliates because I file for divorce?

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What happens to our house in a divorce?

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